Every year, Richmond’s residents look forward to Christmas on Wendhurst, a street light display on Wendhurst Avenue. The light display can be visited at 9716 Wendhurst Dr, Glen Allen, VA 23060. The light show will be up for seven months. Thousands of people are expected to see it, but you can’t guarantee that you will see it all. The lights and decorations are not for everyone, but you can be sure that this town’s community spirit will be in full swing. You can visit the holiday display at the Thompsons’ house on Wendhurst for a holiday treat.

“Christmas on Wendhurst” has been a Glen Allen tradition for more than 22 years, and its sponsors are a couple from Ohio. The event was filmed at the Thompson family’s home on Wendhurst Drive, and the family says that it’s one of the best in the area. It features more than 170,000 lights and 1,237 decorations. There’s even a mistletoe kissing station, and visitors can even meet Santa and Mrs. Claus.

“Christmas on Wendhurst” is a must-see for locals. It’s a popular event in Glen Allen, and Nikki-Dee Ray and her crew are thrilled to be bringing a festive spirit to the town. The display is sponsored by 2020 WWBT and is located at the 9700 block of Wendhurst Drive. The Thompsons have had it up for nearly twenty years, and the house’s lights and decorations are truly magnificent. Find out more about us here.

While this holiday event might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, Nikki-Dee Ray and her camera crew decided to film the holiday at the Thompson family’s house. The ‘Christmas on Wendhurst’ light show, which has more than one million lights and 1,237 decorations, is a must-see for locals. This event has become so popular that it forced the Thompsons to relocate their home.

Christmas on Wendhurst is the place to be during the holidays. Organizers have been hosting the holiday for 22 years, and this year’s show is a huge success. The displays are decorated with hundreds of lights, and they include beautiful decorations and musical performances. The Thompsons’ house is also known for its amazing light show. While it may be the best in town, you can’t go wrong by going to the holiday season!

The Thompson family’s Christmas light show uses dubstep and electronic dance music to create a beautiful and unique holiday display. The show is 10 minutes long and includes over 170,000 lights and more than 1,300 homemade decorations. The Thompsons’ home is one of the biggest in town. The lighting is a huge feature of the display. In addition to the lights, the displays have many different displays to choose from. For the best lighting experience, head to Wendhurst.

If you want to experience the spirit of Christmas, visit the town’s Christmas lights on Wendhurst Avenue. It’s easy to fall in love with the town’s colorful displays. During the holiday season, you’ll also find food, crafts, and hot chocolate in the market. The streets are lined with festive decorations. If you have time, stop by and take a look. If you like the holiday season, you’ll be amazed at the display. Heres a great place nearby to live.

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