iPhone 7 Liquid Damage Repair


Short Pump: (804) 200-4071

Midlothian: (804) 302-4730

Do not let your phone sit in rice for days or plug it in once you get liquid damage, turn it off immediately (Even if its working) and bring it to us. This is the best thing to do to save your phone from further damage. Plugging it in causes electricity to arch and can destroy the logic board, letting it sit in rice for days only lets corrosion set in and makes the likely hood of saving the device decrease. We put your phone’s motherboard through an extensive cleaning process and perform an diagnostics to determine exactly what parts are needed to get your phone working properly again. There is a 50/50 chance of saving the motherboard if it’s completely dead; it depends on what type of liquid it was exposed to and how long since the incident occurred. Once your phone is fully diagnosed, you will be contacted with a repair quote. If it is determined that the device is not repairable a $25 diagnostic fee applies; if it is determined the device is repairable and services are declined a fifty-five dollar diagnostic fee applies.

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