Located at 428 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond, VA 23220, the Virginia Museum of History and Culture is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the Commonwealth. Dedicated to serving all citizens of the Commonwealth, the Virginia Museum of History and Culture is committed to preserving and interpreting Virginia’s history and heritage. Located in downtown Richmond, the museum has been the home of the Commonwealth’s state archives since 1861. Open daily, the museum offers a variety of programs for students and visitors. Outreach programs take place in schools and public libraries. Summer institutes are offered for teachers.

The State Museum of the Commonwealth is one of the most popular museums in the Commonwealth. Founded in 1831 as the Virginia Historical and Philosophical Society, the institution is a major repository and research and teaching center for Virginia history. The museum is a private, non-profit organization that is supported almost entirely by contributions from the general public. The Virginia Museum of History and Culture is one of the most comprehensive state history museums in the world.

A major expansion is planned for the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in 2020. The Center for Virginia History will double the museum’s resources and expand educational programming. Through partnerships with state agencies, the Museum has made historic holdings available to the public. The Museum also offers a variety of educational programs for the community, including summer institutes for teachers. For more information, visit the website below. About the Virginia-Based History and Culture

In 1992, the VMHC opened its Center for Virginia History, a new multi-million dollar extension of its museum. This new addition will expand the museum’s educational programs and help to connect the past to the present. The museum’s permanent headquarters building was built in 1893, and it opened to the public in October of that year. Its permanent mission was completed in June of that year. It continues to provide quality educational opportunities for the entire state.

In addition to presenting exhibitions from all over the United States, it also hosts traveling exhibits. Its newest exhibit, The Story of the Commonwealth, tells the story of Virginia’s history from pre-colonization to today. Several other highlights of the Museum include paintings of Virginia landscapes, a large silver collection, and a rotating series of exhibitions focusing on important historical events.

In addition to the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, the Virginia Historical Society also serves as a member of the state. The Society’s mission is to connect people with the state’s past by preserving and interpreting the country’s history. The goal of the Society is to inspire future generations with its knowledge of history. The VMHC’s mission is to be the most important museum in the state. The organization also offers a variety of programs and services.


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