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OLED Display Coverage

OLED Display Coverage: OLED, AMOLED, and Super AMOLED displays that are appear on the iPhone X, Samsung and LG series devices et cetera, display vibrant colors but are much less durable than the traditional LCD displays that appear on legacy iPhones and other devices. The issue with current generation OLED displays is pressure, because OLED screens are, “Printed” as one solid film we have seen many issues with these screens, screens that have never even been repaired have pressure damage issues even though the glass isn’t broken on the device. In the industry this is known as a, “Butt break.” Usually someone sitting on their phone causes this or by dropping it, also really tight pants can cause issues with OLED displays. Unfortunately, our warranty does not cover such damage to displays. Here are a couple images of what a, “Butt break” looks like.