Mastering Photographic Styles on Your iPhone: Tips and Tricks

Apple is well known for its impressive phone camera capabilities, with each new iPhone or iOS release offering new features. The iPhone 13 lineup introduced Photographic Styles, which are essentially presets that allow you to customize your images directly in the Camera app. This feature is available not only on the iPhone 13 but also on the iPhone SE.
The default Photographic Style is Apple’s Standard style, which is true to life and balanced, with some detail in shadows and highlights. There are also other styles to choose from, such as Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, and Cool, all of which prioritize natural skin tones, giving you a professional look.
To select your Photographic Style, you can navigate to Settings > Camera > Photographic Styles, where you can swipe through and compare the different styles. Once you have selected your style, tap “Use” at the bottom of the screen.
If you want to change your style on the go, you can do so by tapping the triple-square icon in the top right corner of the Camera app and swiping through the Photographic Styles. However, once you hit the shutter button, you cannot change your style.
In addition to the Photographic Styles feature, you can adjust the tone and warmth of each style (except Standard) in the Camera app for even more customizability. And while you cannot apply a different style once your image has been captured, you can use filters within the Photos app or another editing app to make finer adjustments.
It’s worth noting that Photographic Styles only work in the default Camera app and in Photo mode, so you cannot apply these presets to video. And if you don’t have a compatible device but still want to use Photographic Styles, you can find expertly refurbished iPhone options at your local i-Rite Store.